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Afghan Wattan was founded in 2002 as an independent Software development company. Based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada, the company stands on its aims for the development of Afghanistan Literacy. The company is employee-owned and totally independent of any affiliation or association with its members. As we are located in Canada but all our products, plans, projects, ideas, etc are dedicate and integrated for the development of Afghanistan.

Afghan Wattan provides value-based information solutions for I.T. management and Software applications to only Afghanistan. Our activities include information Pashto, Dari and English language implementation in softwares, systems planning, system integration, software quality improvement, technical sales and installation, and project management services.

Building on this model and growing in extensive industry experience our marketing philosophy is to design cost effective "end-user" information solutions that emphasize supporting your organizations core business strategy. Our talented team constitute a "pool" of industry specialists whose focus is understanding organizational information and decision-making from strategic I.T. assessment, process control and work flow analysis through to complete project management and implementation

Our home and office based products which carry language assistance helps the individuals to work easier and faster in our products.

We started with the aim of improving I.T Literacy in Afghanistan.

Our mission statement: "We are standing out of crowd doing Pashto, Dari softwares and we really make a difference"

Words from the President Desk: We Afghanis after lot of struggle realized that what we are missing and now it's the time to prove ourselves so come join hands with us and we will success. Together we can increase the "Afghan Computer Literacy Campaign" - Musien Mohammad

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