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Afghan Wattan>> Assets

Our team and our motivation of work is our first asset. Our team is build with experiences, talented, well trained and highly qualification persons. Each person is a team by themselves and when teams like these joins together then only success in pathway.

Introducing our Team:

Company Directors:

Mr. Musien Mohammad, President, Afghan Wattan
--with great motivation to work for the Afghan nation

Mr. Daud Gouhari, Vice President, Afghan Wattan
--Believing that, some one should start at one point, so why not me

Technical Translation Team:

Mr. Vahed Muheb, Faculty of Lanuage (Pashto), University of Kabul, Afghanistan
Mr. Afghani Jamili, Faculty of Language (Pashto), University of Nangerhar Afghanistan
Mr. Abdul Rahimi, Litrature in Dari, University of Kabul, Afghanistan
Mr. Rahman Kahlil, Faculty of Agree culture, University of Kabul, Afghansitan
Mrs. Jalila Mohammad, Bsc, University of Navoda, USA
Prof: Gada Mohmmad Faiz, English Literature, University of Kabul, Afghanistan
Mr. Fatha Lashkari, Faculty of Biology, University of Kabul, Afghanistan
Syndia B.A in English, Canada

Medical Term Translation Team:

Dr. Mugulzi, M.B.B.S, University of Kabul, Afghanistan
Dr. Jalil Zulmi, M.B.B.S, University of Kabul, Afghanistan

IT Team:

Software Programmer and Analyst: Hemanthakumar Dondolu
Bachelor of Commerce
Masters in Computer Applications

Software Tester and Maintenance: Idris Yousify
Bachelor of Computer Science

Data Base Manager: Jaison Ni,
Bachelor of Computer Science

Senior Software Programmer: David XU
Major Computer Applications


Building infrastructure with latest technology is a very hard point of raising funds. But we did not back up at any point or compromised. We have best equipment to do our work cent percent. We have basic office necessary systems. Apart from this we also have a high quality machines which are important for some security projects

Computers and their Tools:

We use customized programs for translations, data base building, online and offline testing. We develop on the latest computers with our built in programs which saves time and consumes lots of work and provides time to increase the efficiency and speed of the program.

We also have couple of thousands tools which are built ready to use for lots of programs and these fasters the work and reduce the delivery time. We use high quality of output with low cost analysis.

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