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Our research of 2 years did not go out of our aims. So far we are stepping the success everywhere with our seminars and with our products. Our biggest achievement is to provide Pashto, Dari support in the computers so people can use computers for their own purposes. Our market strategies says Pashto, Dari software products we had is going to help Pashto, Dari speakers a lot in their daily life.

  • Our first achievement is implementing our ideas, forming a very good team with a friendly environment. The way we select make us very proud, that we are standing out of the crowd for our idea and projects.
  • The step where we are standing today taught us so much in our path. Success in every seminar, public opinion, market research on our products and services.
  • In a very short period we are hiding 3 successful years with a great prospectus. Developing applications, presenting seminars, training, translating, in short schedule is a very hard point we did it.

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