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Afghan Wattan>> Aim

The Company started the day one till day doing projects and developing various kinds of applications and demonstrating at various seminars for the quality, opinions from the Afghan Communities to provide the quality service. The company aimed to launch the products after 2 years of research in the public about the text area of the projects. The target of the company is to provide computer softwares, books, etc in their own (Afghani) language to make people easy to work with the latest technologies and make their work easier without relaying on any other.

Our aim is to develop every solution, build every system and write every line of code for Afghan development. Afghan Wattan with team of well-trained IT programmers, analysts, computer engineers service technicians, business developers, market research engineers and design and planner here to help Pashto and Dari users face the challenges.

Launching Pashto, Dari and English softwares.
Brining IT Literacy in Afghanistan
Providing employment
Exploring Afghanistan to world

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