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Computers & Technologies:

Software Development:

We proven the difference of software development in regional language will make a big difference in accuracy and speed of work. Our softwares are available in Pashto, Dari and English languages. We use the latest flat forms for developing softwares. Our team updates knowledge 365 days to meet the daily growth in IT industry

Software Applications:

Afghan Wattan approaches each and every project from a variety of perspectives and options to provide the best possible solution to our clients. From data mining to marketing ventures, DT offers a comprehensive solution for your business needs. We also define the required business logic and business processes in order to implement technology solutions. We have expertise and experience with a range of solutions, development platforms and Multilanguage specialists

Web Development:

Website is a media presenting your business on the web 24/7 and representing you and your service. It also acts a seminar from your company for the visitors on web. We implement your idea, aims; business solutions and achievement with integrated your company with the web providing product information, support, services and lot more on online.

We provide service on advanced e-business and e-commerce solutions. We employ high-end application development tools, scalable technologies and proven strategies. Our mission is to produce intelligent and innovative internet based solutions that improve businesses and their processes.

Our web service comes with advanced softwares for business and home solutions. We submit high-end applications, technologies and proven strategies. Our mission is to produce intelligent and innovative software based solutions which are integrated to systems

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